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I enjoy watching others succeed in all aspects in life. It fuels me. 
So unlike your average trainer, not only will I help you improve your physical condition, but your mental state as well. The battle is in the mind, and I'm here to tell you that you CAN do things that you don't think are possible.
Life can be hard, and without like-minded, dedicated individuals by our sides, a new journey like this can be tough. But that's why I'm here.

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Will Irving

owner & trainer

Having played competitive softball for 16 years, collegiate softball for 3 years, and being a proud active duty member of the Marine Corps since 2017, I’ve always been passionate about working out. I didn’t really start getting in to lifting weights until I went to college, but that’s when I really just fell in love with it. I love learning new things about it, being able to push yourself to a new PR, or just being able to do more reps then the last time. In college, I started helping a lot of my friends with their workouts, being able to help them achieve their goals fueled me. Now, I want to continue helping others achieve their goals and help them live a healthier happier lifestyle.

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