begin your change

hey, i'm will

After having served 9 years of honorable service in the United States Marine Corps, I have made a life of commitment and sacrifice. Over the years I have expanded my family to include an amazingly supportive wife and two crazy boys. I decided to start this business because I saw my friends and family frustrated with their lifestyle and struggling to find ways to change. I have learned a lot both academically and through experience on how to find the best ways to tie in fitness and wellness into your busy schedule.

At Give More Fitness,
WE believe in change.

Change begins when we begin the change.
It happens when we think in new ways. When we make a decision. When we take a bold step. It may be personal—like deciding to get fit. Or it may have wider impact—like deciding to support a charity you believe in.

At Give More Fitness, we want to make change accessible to you. Here, you have access to great coaches and strategic training, with an individualized fitness program.

But we also want to give you access to causes that you can believe in and support. 

Take a look at the organizations shown below. It’ll be worth your time.
They’re here because we know the things they’re doing are incredible.

To learn more about these worthy causes and support what they're doing, click on each logo below!